This video was an experiment to see how useful Microsoft
Windows Movie Maker is. All images, portions of videos and music
was found and downloaded off the internet, without apology. The files were then
edited and then pieced together into this 2:57 minute video.

I dedicate it to my Classmates, the first graduating class of Foothill High School.

The final WMV file was converted an flv file by OJOsoft Total Video Converter and
was posted here using Flowplayer to stream it to you. It is now an mp4 file played with
HTML 5 video.

It was fun, time consuming and at times frustrating. Adobe's Premier is easier and
stable (Movie Maker tends to crash a lot) ~ but so much more expensive.

UPDATE: 2015; Microsoft Movie Maker that comes with Windows 7 is stable. Finally.

UPDATE: 2016; Upgraded this page to HTML 5 which supports MP4 video.